Friday, October 12, 2012

Linda Chung's Social Anxiety - thoughts

Okayy, I know I haven't posted forever...but here is one long, important post! And kinda personnal too....but it needed to get out and I don't mind exposing here since noone who read these really know me :) I would be extremly shy if someone I know reads this though xD But I'm writting this with 100% honesty so yeahh, hear it goes!
Soo, my post is about this article that you can read right here :

It's basically the whole reason why I like Linda. She's one of the few celebs I can actually really look up to to be like them. No, I don't want to be a celebrity. But Linda's my idol and I want to be like her. I actually am a lot like her "before", except that I'm not depressed or anything, I'm just really shy x)
So, before I read this, I often heard here and there Linda interviews where she says the first years in the industry she was not too social, seats alone, didn't talk to other much, etc. But now she's more social and open. That's when I really started to look up to her and admire her. It was the first time I heard this kind of stuff from a celebrity cause most of the time, singers and actors are super loud and talkative.
Once, I remember telling my chinese friend that Linda was my fav tvb celebrity, and when she asked why, I said, in a very awkward way, it's because I can relate to her. She obviously didn't understood, so I was like nevermind, I didn't said anything. But now, let me explain.
After I heard Linda's interview about her being more quiet the first years at TVB, I immediatly thought of myself during the first years of school. I was wondering if she was like that because she was shy, or just cause it was her personality. But obviously, I think, it's because she was more shy, like me :$
So that's why I look up to her to try to be a more social person. It's been my goal for the past years, at the beginning of every school year, at each of my birthdays, at each new year I've been telling myself "Okay, this year, I'm gonna be less shy", but I never reach my goal enough. I need a lot of time before I come out of my shell/bubble with someone and be able to talk to them a lot.
And in the part where she said she used to reply with "Yes/no" , well, that's TOTALLY me. I couldn't better describe my replies when someone ask me a question. I try to say more everytime, but I'm always afraid people will think I'm boring or something, it's like a reflex, even if I know I should talk more. Everyone in my family, my friends, my teachers, everyone I know is conscious that I don't talk a lot. I always try to talk more, but it's hard for me :/ So, the whole point of this post is.....telling how much Linda's situation is encouraging to me :) There's finally someone out there, that I can take real example of and that I admire. I will for sure think of Linda and try to talk me...whenever someone talks to me! I hope I can be like her someday and be able to have more confidence while talking to others.