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Featuring : Nancy Wu

Artist Featuring is a new feature I'm starting on this blog :) it resembles a lot at my usual "talks" where I write random things about everything I think of a certain artists;series, music, personal life, news,  etc. For this first time I want to feature Nancy Wu.

What made me chose her is this article that I read, about her thinking how she wasn't good enough. ->  I will come back to this later on in this post.

I looked her up on Wikipedia. She was known through her participation in TVB's 18th Annual New Talent Singing Awards competition (Top 4) as well as TVB's 3rd Annual Cover Girl Competition (Where she won many things). Then, she enrolled in TVB's acting class.

I'm always very impressed by actress who actually "learned" acting and went into acting class. They seem to be like the ones who really worked hard for it and really want it. (I'm not criticizing actresses who entered to TVB after winning pageants.. .but in some way, they actors who studied acting do seem to know more about it)

Series I've seen of her ; Ten Brothers (Tong tong), Forensic Heroes III (Eva), Daddy Good Deeds (Wendy), Season Of Love (Chau Sang)

Ten Brothers is one of the series I watched a while ago, but I still remember her character well...because she had my chinese name in it :P She played a stubborn but kind girl in it. Her character seemed quite important since it was one of the only "girls" character in it (since there are 10 brothers; 10 guys) and I think she shared a good chemistry with Jack Wu. So she already left me a quite deep impression then, and even though I haven't watched any of her series from 2008-2011, I recognized her right away as "Tong Tong from 10 brothers" in Forensic Heroes 3. (which is rare because I didnt use to recognize people at that time) I saw her again last year in Daddy Good Deeds.

In both FH3 and DGD, she played the wife of someone. I could see that she made huge steps from Ten Brothers and her acting improved a lot :) Her scenes where she was mad & yelling, were very convincing. Eva, wife of Wayne Lai in FH3, was nice at first, then started to be irritating since she didn't seem to care about her family, but that was the goal and Nancy reached it. In DGD, she was the wife of Evergreen Mak and the sister in Law of Cilla Kung and Linda Chung. Together, they really looked like a real family :)

I recently watched Season Of Love and was happy to see Nancy again  in it. She seemed to have had a more important role and become the center of attention of the 5 episodes of the season since it was her life, that the whole story was around. Was interesting to see the 3 versions of her life, and I think she did well at showing the same character but with a different personality. Must not have been that easy since it had to look like the same person, but yet different. If you get what I mean.. :P
Even if I haven't saw the serie Gloves Come Off, I heard that she played a mute girl in it and used sign language. Once again, impressive :) I'm gald that she won Best Supporting actress for it at the TVB awards last december! It proves that she has the potential to act.


Another thing I wanted to mention is that..Nancy can sing!! I didn't knew she entered a tvb singing competition at first, so I was very impressed the first time I heard her singing at the New Year countdown. The song was really catchy and I enjoyed hearing Nancy sing it :) 
& when I heard her singing at the Starhub awards, I was like yup, she can really sing! Sorry bout the quality of the second video... its the only good one I found xD Im so happy she sang the themesong of THC cause it's one of my favorite serie:) Plus, heard the person recording (or someone near) saying that she sang quite well, hehe :) Nancy really sings better then I though! (And better then some tvb singers too...:P) 

News (article at top of the post) 

The only news article I want to talk about it the one I posted at the beginning (especially the first two parts..)  I know Nancy had other news/rumors of boyfriends and stuff, but I don't want to get into that, it would be way too long and I don't want to comment on her relationship since I do not know that much about it.. 
So, I felt really sad for Nancy after reading that article and seeing her low self-esteem. I don't like her saying that she is not pretty enough, cause she is beautiful! If not, she wouldn't even be where she is right now. She has all the acting skills that she needs, so soon enough, I believe that she will get bigger roles. I hope so! Quoting her :  "I cannot control the ability of others, so I can only control my own abilities. I will just have to try my best and let the audience recognize I am someone worthy of challenges." 
Love what she said :) She really seems to be really trying, so I wish all the best for her. Nancy, I support you lots!! The article also talked about how she could pair with Wayne, and I agree! She really looked like a great couple with him in FH3 and the two seemed to share a good chemistry. Hope that her pairing with Wayne can be advantageous for her by allowing her to have bigger roles in series :) Looking forward to see more from Nancy!! 

*When I write these kind of things, I sometimes secretly expect that the artist will read it, if ever they randomly google themselves and bump onto my website, haha. That's why I say "you" sometimes, like for "I support you" :P Just ignore it if you're a regular reader, hahahaha xD 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Season Of Love Review

Here's my review of Season Of Love, really wanted to share my thoughts bout this series :) It's gonna be a bit different from my usual reviews though. I usually write random thoughts on one or more episode, but this time around I wanted to do a sort of "viewer response" to each story I've seen, like I do "reader response" to books I read in my English classes :P (Allows me to practice doing those and its something different then usual too ;)) I have my initial thoughts, themes, comparing with another serie . Just Read! :) ttook SOO much time :P That's why I only managed to do it for the spring season, for the others I only wrote thoughts :) But please leave a comment down here or in the chatbox to let me know if you like my "responses" style review ;)

Spring :

I wasn't too surprised by the story since I thought it was just another common tvb story line. Two people fall in love, but they don't think they can be a couple since they live in two complete different world, but in the end it works out. Although I'm not a huge fan of Toby Leung and thought many other tvb actresses could have portrayed her character better, I thought the other artists such as Him Law and Kandy Wong. Season (Him Law) really did look irritating at first but sweet after all, and Mui Chu (Kandy Wong), the litlle sister, was just really cute throughout the serie.

One of the main themes of this serie is that one should not judge another person unless they truly know them. During this spring season, all the characters have prejudices towards one another. Even if they don't really know each other, they think they do and have negative thoughts about them. For example, Chun Fun (Toby Leung) thinks that Season is just a selfish superstar and hates him at first, but she later, when he rushes to the hospital to see his mother even if he was really busy, she founds out that he is a very caring person.That is why she changes her mind about him and falls in love with him. Another example is that when Season, his manager and his assistant first saw Chun Fun, they didn't like her much and treated her poorly. She wasn't an important character to them, only the car driver and did not care about her feelings.They even accused her of sending out the pictures. Later, they found out that it was not true and want to hire her again because they discovered that she really was a person they could rely on.

This story made me think of Vincent and Yi-Hei's storyline in Divas in Distress. In both stories, the guys considered from a higher class and are wealthier then the girls. Because of this, they say think that the girls are inferior to them so even when they fall in love, they cannot believe themselves and refuse to admit it. Later on, it is fine to love the girl even if they are very different. In Divas, Vincent's mom is opposing to their relationship while in Season of Love, it is Season's manager. Nevertheless, both Vincent and Season manage to date their girls.


Summer story was my favorite story of all 4. The part that intrigued me the most was Ng Chun Kai (Ron Ng) 's leg. I was really excited to know more about it, and I originally really thought that he got bitten by a wild animal. The other interesting part is Jack (William Chak). I really thought he was a nice guy at first...he really scared me! I did not expected him to be a villain at all :P I'm glad that he changed at the end :)


I was glad to see Nancy Wu and Oscar Leung :) It was interesting to see the 3 versions of the story and how Chau Sang (Nancy Wu) 's life ended up badly in the first two stories, and how she learned to change her attitude in the last one. What confused me a bit though, is that it had no link to the rest of the seasons and Kenneth wasn't even in the 3rd version? It seemed a bit disconnected to the rest of the serie...However, I liked how they showed mini Chau Sang (Suki Lam!!) because it really reflected the whole story :)

The only thing I liked about winter is the actors....Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma. I think the rest of the story was poorly written, and there were things that did not make sense. Like, when Tung Nei (Myolie Wu) did not knew that she has forgotten a part of her life in 1997. Usually, people forget, but they know that they went into hospital and forgot something. Tung Nei did not seem to know that something happened to her, which seemed a bit weird to me. Also, why did they used someone else to portray the younger version of her?? It was her teenage version, so they should have used Myolie instead. It made me very confused at first because I didn't get why she was dreaming of a random girl. I also thought her boyfriend would be Cho On (Kenneth Ma), and that he lost memory too, or something! (Cause the younger version of the bf DID look like him...think he played Kenneth's younger version in The Hippocratic Crush too..) Anyways. This story seemed to be rushed, and there were a bit too much coincidences, like the fact that Cho On's father was actually the storekeeper and that he kept the diary he thought he was him, etc. I didn't really like the story in general :/

The thing that attracted me most to watch this serie was Him Law, Ron Ng, Nancy Wu, Oscar Leung, Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma...I thought I'd really like it since so many artists that I like are in it...but no :/ Overall, it was just ok- really not a must-watch. Another thing that confused me was that, did Tung Nei and Cho On's story happened before all the others? cause he had pics of her in his phone in the first two stories...but it doesn't make sense since when Tung Nei was mad at him, he was busy searching about Tung Nei's case so he could not take care of the other ones? Confusing :/ Don't really recommend watching this series, unless all you want is to support the artists in it xD Must say their acting was quite well, despite my dislike for the story :P

Friday, March 8, 2013

Wish and Switch ep 1-5 review

I never really planned on watching this, but since it was airing on Fairchild and I am on spring break, I caught the first 5 episodes of this and really wanted to write something about it because this serie is quite...special. I think that the story contains a great message, and I already see it in the first episodes.
I feel quite bad for Shuk Heung (Myolie Wu)..her character is very lovable, she takes care of the whole family, but noone seems to be thankful for her. She tries to help her husband, Yes Sir & Yes Madam, Jade, her brothers, Ga Kam, Hailey...but doesn't get anything good in return. She was happy that that "magic website" work, but I felt really sad that everything turned bad for her.. ;( And it's not only that she lost her candy, got frighten by frogs, and gained weight, but other things too. She ended up in the hospital, garbage/water felt on her, her lil brother yelled on her, Yes Sir yelled on her, her husband had a girlfriend...etc. The whole time I was like, poor Shuk Heung...she deoesn't deserves that at all!
There were also really funny parts too, like when Shuk Heung was going like "Ahh, Im scared of the frog," and then telling herself if it counts as the trade or when her pants were falling as the thief was asking her to put her hands up. Really loved her character :)
At the end of episode 5, she switched life with Hailey. I already know that the next episodes will be about them trying to adapt, and in the end they will find out that they preferred they old lives better...the message that I was saying earlier will be something about fate and accepting reality, and how it is not necessarily good to change everything. I wish I could continue to watch this serie because it seems quite interesting, but I doubt I'll have time. That's it for now, I will write more about this serie if I find time to watch it :)

Inbound Troubles Review

Finally watched and finished Inbound Troubles!!! I really do not regret watching it because it was very good, way more then I expected. I never planned on watching this serie since the cast didn't interested me at all, and it's not until I heard all the good reviews about it that I decided to give it a try. It really impressed me, I never thought I would like it since I don't especially like any of the artists in it, but I did :)
The overall story was funny, but it's each and everyone of the characters that surprised me the most. I've never seen most of them, but maybe it's because of this fresh new cast that bought something special to this drama. Most of the characters were all crazy and naive, but yet funny and cute :)

Roger Kwok as Ng Ga Yee
I never saw him in series before, but apparently he's really popular? Haha. But his acting was quite good in the serie. He was a very nice guy, a bit too nice towards his ex-girlfriend, Suk Jing. In the end, I'm very glad he ended up marrying Suet-Fei because they are way more matchy, both so kind and warm hearted. :)

Wong Cho-lam as Choi Sum 
Choi Sum was so funny! Plus I think Cho-Lam really worked hard on everything this time, especially his accent that he really imitated well! He was cute trying to make Ching Ching love him and his facial espressions never failed at making me laugh :P He is intelligent but is not very experienced in life. You could feel that he was a very naive characters who takes life simply, but a very nice person as well.

Joey Meng as Yik Suet-fei 
I never heard of her before either, but I guess it's normal since it is her first tvb serie. She did quite well in it, I really liked her character! :) She was really kind and liked to help everybody. I'm so happy for her that she married Ga Yee because she deserves to have someone to love after all :)

Ivana Wong as Ng Chi-ching 
I first heard about Ivana a few weeks ago, at the JSG awards.It's not too bad for her debut serie. Although I don't think she was too matchy with either Choi Sum or Chiu Chiu, I still liked her character in the serie because she can really sing well, I loved all the songs she sang in it!

Angela Tong as Szema Suk jing
Angela Tong was the only artist I really knew before watching this drama :P Her character was quite annoying, but it was the point of the serie. I really could not believe the part where she told Sophia & the other elderies to pretend to be ghost in the Ga Yee's house and how NOT thankful she was for Ga Yee! Anyways, her acting was good and it really showed in the parts where she cried or yelled.

Mimi Chu as Mong Lo
I felt a bit bad for her character....sad that her husband left her with their son, and she waited for them forever but they never came back. Something that I expected though is her reconciling with Mary? I still don't really understand the whole part with Mary giving part of her rent, and telling the guy to yell after her. But I guess that part isn't too important to the serie....

Bowie Wu as Benjamin
He made me laugh since the first episode, hahaha :P He was really funny trying to look "gangster" or whatever, and it did work :)

Bob Law as Ching Siu-shan
Omg, Siu Shan, most annoying and ugly character ever! I hated his wig so much, especially the second one! Since the beginning, I found him annoying trying to be around his best friend's girlfriend all the time....just have hate hate hate towards him xD Btw, is it me or he really looks like Bobby Au Yeung without the wig? :P Funny how one's name Bob and the other one Bobby xD

Corinna Chamberlain as Nip Siu-sin 
Last but not least, Corinna. Couldn't been more impressed by her cantonese :O She speaks with no accent at all, and can even sing. Can't wait to see more from her :)

*This is more like a character review, but I will also tag it as a drama review since I won't do any other reviews on it :P