Monday, December 30, 2013

TVB look alikes

I've been waanting to write this post for a while :) It's just a bunch of pictures of tvb celebs that really look alike. I've also included past tvb artists who are not signed with TVB anymore..just because their ressemblance is quite interesting :)
Christine Kuo and Aimee Chan
I first noticed their ressemblance in Ghetto Justice, during one of Christine's crying scene. They could be twins! Funny how both of them have an accent when they speak cantonese :P

Wayne Lai and Power Chan:
When I didn't really knew tvb & the artists well, I thought they were the same person, lol. Wayne is a little older though, he could totally play Power's older brother!

Sharon Chan and Niki Chow
Noticed them the other day during the TVB awards ceremony when I thought for a while that Niki was Sharon, haha.

Bobby Au Yeung and Bob Lam
Even their names sound alikes, lol.

Maggie Cheung and Tavia Yeung
 I think they played sister in some older series right? Haven't watched that..but I found the above pic of Tavia two years ago and noticed that she really looked like Maggie!

Sunny Chan and Frankie Lam
The just look identical O.o lol.

Bernice Liu and Candy Chang
Didn't notice this one until some of my tvb blogger friends pointed it out on my Candy blog :) 

If you have any other ideas of TVB celebs who look alike, comment below! :) 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coffee Cat Mama ep 1-5 Review

I don't actually know if I'm liking this drama or not. It is funny and boring at the same time... I must admit that Bosco & his son are funny. Their names make me laugh. Bosco is "Tai Tsi Bao" which is a raisin bun and his son is "Bao Jo Gong" which is the guy who rents place to live to people. A Part that really made me laugh was when Bosco was in the hospital and him & his son were worrying about each other not being able to sleep alone, so his son called him to ask him if he was okay. He was like "I'm alright, look, a lot of people here are staying with me!" and his son was like, "Don't be silly, the people in the hospital are sick. They don,t have to to stay with you." loll.  Bosco Wong, Koo Ming Wah and Vincent Wong form a really funny trio together too. LOL @ Siu Bo too.

Other than that.. the actual story about the Coffee shop is kind of boring. Not much is happening... they opened the store, people got sick because of the cakes, so buisness is bad.. and that's about it :/

Eliza Sam's acting is not bad either! I just don't really see her and Bosco as a couple... lol. They haven't started yet, and I don't know when they will.

I'm not sure if I should keep watching this series. It is definitely not a must watch of this year. It's not something that keeps me "hooked" , like, when you finish one episode, you don't really anticipate the next one. I just keep watching because I have time to waste :P

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Featuring: Mandy Wong

Artist Features are back! This time it is going to be Mandy Wong (黃智雯) :) She has become one of my new favorite actress, and she has so much potential. I'm going to ATTEMPT to do these once a month, choosing an artist that was born on that month. This month, it is going to be Mandy who's birthday was on December 21. Happy belated birthday Mandy! :) 

Mandy's path reminds me a lot of Tavia's path. They both made it through tvb with education and hard work and not beauty pageants. Mandy graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, became a flight attendant for three years, and then she did entered Miss Hong Kong 2007, but her popularity did not come from that contest. She graduated from TVB's acting class in 2008 and worked for quite a while in TVB before she gained popularity. Her role in L'Escargot was a breakthrough and for that (and other series, but mainly L'Escargot) she got the Most Improved Female Artiste award in 2012. I personally hope her success continues and that someday she will become a TVB Fa Dan like Tavia :) 
A well deseved award for her last year :) -->

Series I've seen her in: Ghetto Justice (Silvia), Lives of Omission (Vicky), L'Escargot (Lau Siu Lan), The Hippocratic Crush I & II (Hung Mei Suet), Divas in Distress (Kwai Yi Hei), Friendly Fire (Wong Fei Fei)

The first time I watched Ghetto Justice, I didn't notice Mandy Wong much. It was just after The Hippocratic Crush, when GJ aired on TV that I noticed her as Myolie's friend/assistant. She didn't had a really important role, but since then, she gained at lot more fame and now plays important supporting roles. I watched THC before Lives of Omission or L'Escargot, but I finished all three of them within a short period of time, so I noticed Mandy a lot.

Monday, December 23, 2013

TVB Anniversary Awards 2013 - Fashion thoughts

So, I watched the awards presentation as it aired last night, although I already knew the results. I don't have too much to say about the actual results since I haven't watched that many series this year..but the only things I want to mention are:
1. I knew Kristal Tin worked hard and did a great job in BK and all.. but I do wish that one of the awards she got would have been won by Linda. Either one, it doesn't matter, but I just find it unfair that she got two awards and Linda went home empty handed, as she did for years, despite being nominated almost every year.
2. Congratz Eliza Sam, aka princess Heung Heung! :D The only one I was truly really glad about.

Here comes the Fashion thoughts! I have ranked all the artists in pairs, taking in consideration the fact that sometimes both are nice, both are not nice, or sometimes one is nice and one is not so nice :P

The Best:

1. Benjamin Yuen and Mandy Wong
For me, the best two outfits of the night go to Mandy Wong and Benjamin Yuen. Both are simple, but so elegant. I LOVE Mandy's dress. With the jewelries, it is just perfect! She's so beautiful in it. And Benjamin, he's so handsome in his suit. He's not overdoing it, but he's still going original with a blue suit and a pale blue bow tie.

2.Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung
Kenneth and Tavia are pretty gorgeous too, and they just match to perfection! I actually prefer Kenneth's suit over Benjamin's one, but I love Mandy's dress way more than Tavia's one, so this is why I ranked them in second :)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Hippocratic Crush II Review

Like: It was full of action, with one case/problem following another. And 1 case does not last 5-6 episodes, it usually lasted 2-3 so there was lots of action and the story was moving on quickly.

Dislike: Too many hospitalization with the main characters and their family. I mean.. almost everyone was sick/injured. Yu Jai, Yat Kin, Yat Kin's mom, Lokman, Yannis, David, Chin Yi's son, Che Che, Che Che's uncle, Yu Jai's grandmother, Siu Yik.. and I probably forgot a couple. I mean, they could have less illness within their family and friends and more of the other cases that do not involve the main characters.. those are interesting too!

Like: I know a lot of people did not enjoy the overall serie because there are too many side stories and not enough focus on the main characters Tavia and Kenneth, but I guess I was ok with it since I like seeing newbies acting. I especially enjoyed watching Him Law and Eliza Sam, they shared such a special chemistry together!

The Hippocratic Crush II newbie actresses

The Hippocratic Crush II features lots of newbie actresses, so I wanted to have a small talk about it. I will also do a full review on the serie, but here are some quick comments about their acting.

Mandy Wong as Mei Suet
I'm not quite sure if Mandy is still considered a newbie...but the first time I saw her was in THC last year, so she seems new to me. She is really good at acting, and I wished I could have seen more from her and Benjamin Yuen. I loved seeing how she could be tough and serious with the new housmen, but at the same time, all she wants is the best for them.All in all, Mandy did a great job here, like she always does!

Eliza Sam as Che Che
Must say Eliza really did a breakthrough in her role as Che Che here! At first, she just seems like a happy/bubbly person, but then you find out that her character is actually so touching. I loved all the scenes where she cried and smiled at the same time. I think she made lots of people like her here, and though I already liked her, I just love her even more after seeing her here. Her role was an "angel" role and she was so nice to everyone. It was so sad to see her get weaker and weaker  everyday and eventually pass away...

Tracy Chu as Chin Yi
I didn't really know about Tracy before watching this serie. I just started it, and I was like, ohh just another newbie... then I learned that it was her first serie. I think she did pretty good, for a first timer! The only thing here is that..she got a bit too much screentime for a supporting role...Was her role even a supporting one? She was paired up with Lawrence Ng who was one of the main leads, so that's probably what got her all the attention. I wished they would have talked a bit less about her and "Ah Fai".

Crystal Li as Ah Ting
So, Ah Ting is suppose to be a shy and unconfident girl, and I think Crystal just did an ok job here. Could have been better. It seemed like Ah Ting was just a plain character without personality who cannot get over her crush (Onion), but yeah... More personality could have been added to this character.

+ Guest star: Grace Wong as Amber
It's my first time seeing her acting. Her character was so annoying...but I guess that is because she portrayed it well. Looking forward to see more from her :)

Friday, December 20, 2013

TVB Sales Presentation 2014 Review

To watch the trailers, go to Hyn5's blog (Link in Affiliates) or here:

《貓屎媽媽》 "Coffee Cat Mama" (Bosco Wong, Eliza Sam)
Anticipation level: 4.5/5
This series is really the type of series I like. I'm excited to see Eliza Sam as the main lead and to see what she'll bring to this series. Plus, I haven't seen Michelle Yim for a while, and she's one of the only veteran actress I like. 

《醋娘子》 "Vinegar Lady" (Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Him Law,Eliza Sam)
Anticipation level: 3/5
I don't really like ancient dramas, but Myolie, Ron, Him and Eliza are some of my favorite TVB artists, so I'll be watching only if the ratings are good or if people say it is funny and worth watching.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Hippocratic Crush II Episode 29 Finale Recap

Note: Please forgive me for my lack of knowledge of medical terms in this recap…I was not able to find the disease/illness names in English since they were mentioned in Chinese, so I’ll just be briefly describing them.

This last episode starts off with Onion (Him Law) standing and thinking in front of Che che (Eliza Sam)’s tomb. Her dad comes by and gives a picture album to Onion, telling him that Ch eche probably intended to give it to him. He looks at it; it is full of pictures of places where they have been to together. He cries while looking at it, but smiles through his tears. He walks to all those places and thinks about Che che. He sees Yat Kin(Kenneth Ma) and shares his thoughts with him. At night, he dreams about Cheche. He promises her that he will live his life fully, be a great doctor, find someone he will love, etc. Yat Hong(Nathan Ngai) appears and tells Cheche that it is time to go. Before she leaves, Onion tells her that he loves her.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Hippocratic Crush 2 Episode 27 recap + Quick thoughts

It's the first time I'm writing a recap and putting screencaps of an episode that I actually made myself. Why am I doing this? I feel like episode 27 contains the most touching scenes, so I felt like taking a lot of screencaps. After the screencaps, I felt like writing a here it is! :) I will probably be making another one for the finale and write a review also. Hope you enjoy!

It’s Ah Ting’s birthday, and Ming Tai prepared her favorite breakfast for her. He also wants to throw her an amazing birthday party and puts all his brothers/friends (Onion, Ben, etc) into this and they agree to help. Cheche is also preparing for a party…but it is a party to say good bye to her close ones. She wants to keep it only to her dad and Chin Yi, but Yat Kin’s mom eventually finds out. 

Ah Ting’s party was going to fail because the rain and bad weather ruined the food and presents, so the guys find Cheche to seek some help. She tells them that the event at the center is cancelled, and she agrees to give them all the food and flowers, including the one that Chin Yi gave her and that represent her biggest hope.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My 2013 TVB status & favorites

The TVB 2013 Awards will be happening soon, and the nominations lists are already out. I wanted to share my hopes for who will win what awards and all. I haven't watched all series this year (like every year..), so of course, I know my point of view is limited on the few series I've watched.. & it is also mainly based on my general likes/dislikes of the artists & my personal favorites of this year!

-Missing You - Completed! 
-Friendly Fire - Dropped after ep2, , not because it was not good but because I didn't have enough time. It has been a year that I've been telling myself to watch this. Not sure if it will eventually happen :/
-Inbound Troubles -Completed!
-The Days of Days - Skipped
-Season of Love - Completed!
-Reality Check - Skipped
-Sergeant Tabloid - Dropped after  ep2, same reason as for Friendly Fire
-A Great Way to Care II - Completed!
-Bullet Brain - Skipped
-Slow Boat Home - Dropped after 5ep, not much interesting too watch...
-Awfully Lawful - Skipped
-A Change of Heart - Skipped
-Karma Rider - Skipped
-Triumph in the Skies II - Caught parts of when my family was watching, might watch later
-Always and Ever - Skipped
-Sniper Standoff -Skipped
-Brother's Keeper - Skipped, will watch during the holidays!
-Will Power - Caught parts of when my family was watching, might watch later.
-The Hippocratic Crush II - Watching!

Note: I feel like I've wasted my time watching Missing You & Season of Love while I could be watching something better. Sigh. Did I miss on a lot of interesting series? Please comment below so I can catch up on the must-watch stuffs during my X'mas break! :)

My hopes for the award & my personal favorites:

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

On call 36 II themesong screencaps

So, I'm kind of obsessed with The Hippocratic Crush II lately. I'm watching the series right now, but skipped through a couple of episodes since I'm too busy with school and all. BUT, when I'll be on my break, I plan on making a review about it, and when I do so, I want to try to make screencaps :) I'm testing ways to do it, and I tried with only the themesong. Here they are!! (It took me quite a while though...:/)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TVB Perspective is BACK!

Hello everyone!
I know I haven't posted in a lonnggg time (nearly 5 months..) but I'm back now! :) As you (hopefully) noticed, I changed the banner to a banner featuring my new current favorite drama, The Hippocratic Crush 2 aka On Call 36 Hours II! I'll be doing a review on it fairly soon. Some other posts I'm thinking about doing is my hopes/predictions on TVB awards, some news talk and more artists features. I still have about a week left of exams (actually, 2 days, but I have to study xD), so I will be posting as soon as I am done with school. Come back in a week and I promise there will be new posts! :)

^ I made this banner using pixlr (alternative of photoshop). It's probably not the best banner you've seen, but I'm so proud of it because it's the first time I made banner with backgrounds and different pictures on top. (I used 11 different pics to make it!) I'll be working on my photoshop skills over my x'mas vaca, so you'll see more of my progress soon! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Hey you noticed, I haven't made any posts about series or artists for the past two months.... I thought about putting my blog on hiatus in April, cause I knew that I would be busy in May and June with my finals, but I didn't cause I thought that I would be back here updating really often as soon as I would be on vacation...but it is not happening right now. I've lost my interest and obsession with TVB, and I'm not watching any series at the moment. I don't think I'm gonna watch anything soon, and even if I do, I probably won't be motivated enough to do reviews or any other blog posts. I don't know when or if this hiatus is gonna end...probably when I have time and am motivated at the same time...which won't be anytime soon.

ALSO, my twitter won't be dedicated to my blog anymore. I will use it for myself, therefore I have changed my username from @TVBperspective to @GinnyLovie, so if you want to contact me, do it there!

See you guys!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Quick update...

Heyy guys..I know I haven't been here forever. I know that I said I'll be blogging a lot more during summer, but it might not be the case...I have no motivation lately :/ Plus, I got myself a summer job so I for sure won't have as much time as last year, whether it is to watch dramas or to blog about them. I started watching Slow Boat Home yesterday, but the story line seems kinda I think I'm gonna skip it and catch back on Friendly Fire. Will try to do a review on it afterwards :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Featuring: Aimee Chan

I'm trying to do a artist feature at least every month :) This month, it is Aimee Chan! I've realized that recently, I haven't even got one tag with her, and since she's growing in popularity and is now a quite important artist of TVB, I wanted to create a whole post about her :)

Aimee is from Canada. Maybee that's one of the reasons why I like her, I don't know, I tend to like more artists that are from the same country as mine haha :P She is also one of the rare TVB actresses that graduated from University; she is a graphic designer and graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design :) So she's really well educated, she finished university before entering pageants. That's maybee why she entered a bit older, (she was overage for Miss World -.-) but she really looks young! The first time I saw her, which was in Forensic Heroes III, where she was already in her early 30s, I thought she was like in her early 20s :P She is always young at heart too :) Btw she looks so cute in the picture above with her mickey shirt hahaa :)

Series I've seen of her, in order ; Forensic Heroes III (Angel), The Other Truth (Iris), A Great Way to Care 2 (Jade)

In The Other Truth, she played a young raising artists who accused an Indian guy to have rapped her. In the end, they found out that she was lying. Aimee was only a guest star, yet she had an amazing performance :) I thought she did really good in all her crying scenes, and it's nice to see another side of her acting since in this serie, she was a really bad girl who lies :P

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poll Result

Here are the results from the last poll! Winner is Friendly Fire!! Guess I should really start on that serie.. xD
I will post a new poll in a while since i don't know why, but the poll gadget doesn't seem to be working lately...

A Great Way to Care 2 Review

Alex Fong as Dr. Ko Lap-yan
Tavia Yeung as Ah Yan
Yoyo Mung as Lois
Aimee Chan as Jade
Ben Wong as Chung Kwok-ban
Edwin Siu as Jackson
Christine Kuo as Scarlett

*I'm so glad most character have a english name, makes my review a lot easier! hehe :) 

This drama really surprised me. It was really out of the ordinary and different from other TVB dramas. I'm glad I gave it a try, even if I haven't watched the first one! 

First thing to mention, the artists. The fact that this serie was played by so many well known artist really attracted me to watch it. Aimee, Edwin, Christine & Oscar are all supporting actors/actresses that I love! :) But of course, there's also Tavia & Ben :) Before this serie, I never watched Alex and rarely Yoyo, so this serie allowed me to discover more from them :)
First, the cases. They were interesting and I feel like I learned new things :) The series about crime that I have watched in the past are usually about police, forensics, and lawyers. This was the first time that was involving psychiatrists or psychologist, so I found it really special. I'm interested in psychology so it was interesting :) 

Another hing I really liked about this serie is how love was portrayed. It was just okay and did not overwhelmed the rest of the serie & the cases. They actually didn't talked much about it neither for Ah Yan & Chung Kwok-ban nor for Lois and  Dr. Ko Lap-yan. It was just like, they hook up, okay, cool. The ones that they did developped a lot was between Jackson, Jade and Scarlett. It was funny to see how Jackson loved both of them so much and tried to date both of them without the other knowing. While that was going on, I was secretly hoping he'd end up with Jade :) Cause I saw Edwin & Aimme as a couple in FH3, they were so cute! I'm glad this time they have a happy ending!

Tavia's acting was awsome in this serie :) From a nice & kind hearted policewoman to a horrible & cool blooded killer, you could really feel her character. Her facial expression and the way she talked seemed so realistic, like her eyes when she was killing someone. I'm pretty sure for her that she'll get a spot in Best actress or Favorite Actress in the next awards with this character :) 

The ending was really surprising! I didn't expected Ah Yan to commit suicide. It's kinda sad...I would have rather prefer seeing her recover slowly with the help of Dr. Ko Lap-Yan & Lois. 
I heard that some parts were cut from the serie? Its a bit upsetting :/ It showed a bit, like both times when Tavia was in the hospital, it was as if she was immediatly recovered the second after. Which didn't make sense.. .Also, Franco, Lois' boyfriend had NO screentime. He died, and like 'pop', he's burried. It was too quick! I wished they showed more of Lois' reaction. 

I would write a longer review if I had time, but I'm really busy nowadays so here are my quick thoughts for now! Overall, loved the serie & really worth watching :) 

photo source: