Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Status Update

So I'm going back to school tomorrow....I don't know how often this blog will be updated from now on, but I'll try weekly! Well, actually it might still be pretty much updated for the next two weeks since I have 4 days of vacation after 2 days of school (Yayyyy xD ) And I have a few post where the major part is written out, just need to add some stuff  :) I've also been working on a drawing of Raymond Lam....I had trouble with the lips and I'm trying to fix it....will post is when it's done!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ghettto Justice 2 Character Review [Supporting Actors]

So this is just a really short review about what I think of the supporting actors :) Same thing for my supporting actresses post :)

Ting Ka Fu portrayed by Sam Lee

Ting Ka Fu is such a nice person, who likes to help others so much!! Although I'm not a fan of Sam Lee, I loved his character here. The scene at his mother's funeral dinner was so touching, and to see how many people he has helped. 

Leung Baw portrayed by Raymond Cho

I loved Raymond Cho's new character Leung Baw!!! He was so funny xD He's the complete opposite of MJ but they are trying to date the same girl...I thought it was so funny when he dressed weirdly to go out with Grace and Grace kinda made fun of him without knowing it! He's also a really nice guy, who wouldn't let his friends down for anything...

MJ portrayed by Alex Lam

Alex Lam is kinda cute when he plays MJ xD He is so shy but tries his best all the time! While he is more quite and calm, he is trying to pursue Grace agaisnt the loud and social Leung Baw :P But I think MJ matches Grace more :)

Ghetto Justice 2 Character Review [Supporting Actresses]

These three newbies seem to be heavily promoted by TVB this year....well, especially Christine and JJ Jia! All three of them where new characters to the serie, guess they replaced Sharon Chan, Joyce Tang and Mandy Wong....

Lynette portrayed by Christine Kuo
Christine's got so much hate lately...A lot of people says she can't act, etc. Even though I though she didn't acted TOO bad, I think her role was random and unecessary...I mean, it didn't brought much more to the serie. It created a small conflict, but not huge. They could have find something else to put Law Ba and Kris mad at each other, something much more simple. Cause it kinda seems unreasonable why Law Ba would suddenly have a wife since it was completly unmentionned in the first Ghetto Justice. I also thought some of her scenes were when she was running with Chok Man, her running was so weird and unatural. 

Sam Sam portrayed by JJ Jia
I think JJ Jia was the best actress out of all three of them. She did well in her mad scenes and worried scenes. Her character itself was also pretty intersting since it replaces Sharon Chan , because she have a really similar personality. I'm glad she ended up with Ting Ka Fu in the end :) 

Grace portrayed by Crystal Li
Hummm Grace...I have not much to say on her xD I don't think we could really judge her acting in this serie because most of her scenes were simple and easy, she did them all with a smile, no crying scenes, no yelling/shouting scenes, no being mad scenes . (Well there was this small one with being mad at MJ, but it was a really small scene....)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ghetto Justice 2 Character Review [Main Leads]

I know I did a post on GJ2 ending review, but this time, I really want to focus on the main characters and their relationship together :) 

Kris Wong/Wong Sze Fu/Law Yau portrayed by Myolie Wu

Law Ba/LA/Law Lik Ah portrayed by Kevin Cheng

Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng's charcaters shared such a chemistry..!!! We could see that they were really into it and they worked really hard, like in the first Ghetto Justice. I think they might be nominated/win this year as well for the TVB anniversary awards for their roles :) Love them as a couple (On screen, of course!) I loved how they love each other by what they did, and not said. Actions are stronger then words. I think they never said "I love you" to each other or anything like that all through the serie, but we could see that...they loved each other so deep they don't need to say it. They love each other so much they could sacrifice anything...

First, there was Kris who helped LA solve the case, like I mentionned previously in one of my reviews. She wasn't afraid of being seen as the "mean one", she just wanted Law Ba's experience to be successful. Then, Lynette. She knew Law Ba would feel bad if Lynette stayed in coma, so she'd rather sacrifice her own relationship with LA so that LA would be happy. Finally, the murder. She wanted to make others think that she did it so Law Ba wouldn't be in jail again.....she loves him so much. 

We didn't see LA too much "sacrificing" for Sze Fu, it was more in GJ 1, but we can still see that he really loves his Law Yau. Even when he was in jail, he tried to comic just to see her smile again, and that certainly wasn't the easiest moment for him to joke around, be he wanted his happy Law Yau.
I think both Myolie and Kevin, just like in Ghetto Justice 1, did extremly well in entering their characters. The relationship they shared was so special, it's not like usual romantic couples who hold hands, cuddle, kiss, no, they were so special. They seem to annoy and be mad at each other so often, I don't know how to say that. But I mean, they don't have same opinion on things, and they have very different kind of lifestyles, Kris is more organized and polite, while LA is her opposite. But one thing they have in commun is that they're both super kind and love helping out people without asking anything in return, and that's what bring them together. Some of the best moment they share is when they learn that they've been able to help someone, and nomatter who find the solution of them two. 

This is one of my favorite Law Ba and Law Yau moment :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

TVB Starhub Awards 2012- Fashion

I know the Starhub Awards were a while ago, but I really felt like writtin this fashion post :3It will mostly be about the actresses's dress, but I will also be talking a bit about the actors's oufits and how matching the on-screen couples are:)

Linda's so beautiful in this dress! It is simple but stunning at the same time because of the tiny, shiny and detailed diamants (Or whatever its called xD). I wish I could have a dress like that next year for prom! The pastel blue color really suits her, it gives us the impression of someone pure, young and innocent, and that makes sense since she's the youngest actress there. Plus her hair is so beautifully done! Her and Moses were so cute when they went to get their award together, and when Moses joked that he was the winner of the Best Smile Award. I have not much to say on Moses, despite the fact that even if his hat doesn't suit the event, he still looks kinda cute in it :) 

Awww Myolie and Kevin are so cute together! Both of them had a simple but nice looking outfit. They are my pick for best dressed as couple :) And I loved Myolie's dress'color!! It was dark purple-ish, and really stood out since she decided to go simple with no jewleries as well as short hair, really made us focus on the strapless dress! 

Tavia and Kenneth are also very matchy. I think Tavia kinda stands out from the other actresses with printed dress instead of a single colored one. Kenneth Ma really matches her with his grey suit and casual looking outfit :D Tavia wore her hair in a ponytail, and I think it would have been even better if she had an updo, but it still looks really nice that she lifted her hair up :) 

Even though both Ruco Chan and Selena Li wore really nice outfits, I think their colors could have been more matching. Love Selena Li's dress, another simple looking goregeous choice! :) And her hair, I love her hair! I think she's got best hairstyle out of all the female artists present that night :) 

Kate Tsui...her dress was so-so, and her hair...didn't really like it. I don't like how she tucked it backwards, I think it would have look goregous if she just left it natural! And about the guys next to her... I don't know their names but umm. On the left side, I guess he's ok. Is it Sunny Chan?? Looking a bit traditionnal...but fine....and on the right side, I have no idea who he is.....but ummm the hat? O.o Why did he wore that? It reminds me of Bosco in Lives Of Omission...Really didn't like it. 

And yeah finally Fala Chen and Wayne Lai....thought they really didn't match. Wayne's outfit was too blue-flashy and Fala.....ususally I like simple, but I didn't like her dress.....I don't like "just white" with no patterns, other colors or even folds. It really looks like as if "she wrapped a bed sheet around her" (Quote credits to Iris from ae experience xD) Not much to say about her hair....

Ghetto Justice 2 ending Review

Omg...I just finished watching Ghetto Justice was so intense! 
*Huge spoilers alert, don't keep on reading if you haven't watched the ending! Or else it's not good anymore!'

Episode 20 started so horribly...I don't know why TVB likes to kill such nice people :( Even though the girl (Sam Sam's friend, I don't know her name) and the pregnant women's mom (Well she's not pregnent anymore but I don't know her name either....) so, even they were less then supporting characters, they didn't deserve to die!! Especially since, the last seconds of their lives, they were saving other's lives.......:( I was already sad, then they kept talking about how caring about her family the girl was, how hardworking she was, how important to the family she was...That made me so sad :'( Luckly, Sam Sam (JJ Jia) and Kris (Myolie Wu)'s mom were still alive...But yeahh it was still horrible what Kau Tai Wai (Evergreen Mak) did....The only happy thing that came out of this was actually that Ting Ka Fu finally admitted to Sam Sam his love for her...and they can finally be a couple!! :)


Then there was the car crash....I'm glad Law Ba was fine. Like so glad. Lynette was only in coma so it was fine, I guess I'd be kinda sad if she would have died...but coma is fine since she won't be in the way when things were happening between Law Ba and Kris!! I'm mad that the other guy, who was suppose to be a witness, died though. :/

We continue to see so much evilness from Kan Tai Wai in the serie.....why be so mean to Kris's mom???? :( I was so scared for her. I knew she wouldn't die since I watched the promo yesterday and she was saved, but I was still scared/stressed. 

And about when the last case....omg I loved the chemistry between Sze-Fu and Law Ba so much!!! They love each other so much and are ready to sacrifice anything for each other. Kris was ready to take Law Ba's place in jail...but Law Ba remembered and told the truth. Happily, this time, he didn't end up in jail :D Thanks to all the kind people ♥ And to Kan Tai Wai's honest and nice son.

And about the actual ending of the end...I at first thought Lynette was just playing with Kris and Law Ba. But her facial expressions and what her father said to her, I was like wow...she might actually be saying what she really thinks...:S Even though I knew Lynette's character was not suppose to be a mean person (Mean, meaning that she'll come in between Law Ba and Kris) but she really was just playing, luckly!! :) I'm so happy no one has to end up in jail this time! 

Other random thoughts... I expected those to happen but it didn't ...maybee it's gonna happen if there's another sequel xD
  • Kris'mother should have recovered...and be able to walk again :) Like someone is suppose to make her realize that if she wants to be able to walk again, she needs to stay strong! Then she can walk again :D
  • MJ and Grace should be together. Then Leung Baw could be with Beauty! :D I really thought he'd be a couple with Beauty...cause if not...why did TVB make the scene where Beauty randomly hugged him and the scene where Beauty conforts him because he's depressed after he killed the mentally ill guy?
  • Wanted also a last scene were every couples get married. Would be so romantic! :D 

I have more GJ2 posts coming up...I want to talk about specifically about Sze Fu and Law Ba, about the supporting actresses and actors :) Will be posted up within the next few days!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ghetto Justice 2 Ep 19 short review

This is gonna be a really short review..I'm not even gonna post pictures. What I really wanted to say about ep 19 is...

1) I was so mad at Law Ba...why did he went help Lynette instead of Kris? I want him to care about Kris more then Lynette!!! Got even more annoyed when he said to Kris "cause you're strong" -__- I don't care, she's your girlfriend, not Lynette!!

2) The ending was so traumatising! :O I don't want anyone to die! In my first review I said I didn't want any main/supporting characters to die...well now I just don't want anyone to die. Like Sam sam's friend who felt cause the floor crack..I hope she doesn't die!!
That was I'm patiently waiting to watch the finale.....

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Linda Chung Artworks

All of these have been done a while ago....the videos and the banners about 1-2 years and the drawing like a month ago :P Yes, it's not super, but I'm still a beginner and that's one of my first portrait drawing :)

My drawing + the pic were I took it from :)

My video

My banners: