Friday, September 28, 2012

Poll result- My Favorite TVB Drama

The results from my first poll is here :) Moonlight Resonance's #1, yay!! It's my personnal favorite too :) 
I will post another poll up really soon! For now..I just want to know, are there any reasons you're favorite drama is your favoite? Or if you've chosen others, what is it then and why? 

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Okay, I know I havent posted for like two weeks :/ Like you've probably noticed, my post are all written by me and not they take lots of time to write. I'm really busy cause of school right now, because my grade this semester will determine which pre-university college I enter. So I don't want to challenge myself to update my blog frequent and put school as I'll just update when I have time :) But the next time I post, i don't know when yet, but it'll be about either Tavia or Aimee...and as soon as I'm on a longer holiday, I'll watch a drama and do a review about it! :)
I'll continue to reply tags weekly though, so we can still chat there!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Myolie and Linda fans, please read till the end :)

This is just a random post...of me fangirling :P I've never met any of my idols yet, but I really wish to someday. Haha I often daydream of what's gonna happen if I meet them someday... :) BUTT I did "talked" to some of them through fb, twitter and weibo :D 
Of course, the one on weibo are the TVB ones. Candy replied to me twice and Aimee once :) 

Haha okay... I wish I had replies from my favorite artists Myolie and Linda xD But I guess that's pretty much impossible since they're so popular and get so much mentions. 
But I still dream to meet them :) Probably someday when I go to Hong Kong...I went to Hong Kong twice in my life, the first time I was too young to know where to find my idols (but I secretly hoped to randomly meet Shirley Yeung on the streets, my idol at that time xD ) and the second time...I just wasnt into TVB. 
But next time, I'm gonna chase after my idols :3 And I wanna make a gift for them, if I really meet them someday!! (Well I hope I'm gonna be allowed to give them stufff....if I'm not, someone please tell me now xD) Okay soo....since I like to cook, I really wanna make cookies or something :) Annnnd I also want to make a scrapbook. It would be complicated, but it's not impossible. I would have to gather fans all over weibo, asianuniverse, asianfanatics, Myolie and Linda's fan forums, even twitter, and right here on my blog :) I've already did that once, it was for my idol from American Idol, Pia. I took participations from twitter, and I didn't meet her, but I sent the scrapbook I made over to another fan I met on twitter and she gave it to her. And I knew through twitter that she got it! :) So before sending it to her, I took pics of it, and put them in this video ;

SOOO, the point is, would you participate if I did one of those for Linda or Myolie? :) There were three parts to this, and I don't know if I'm gonna do this again next time, but I probably will if there's enough participants. 
Part 1: Taking a pic of yourself doing a letter of the sentence "We love you __Linda/Myolie_" (In that case it was Pia) and you don't have to show pics of your face if you don't feel like. Or you can also just write the letter down or something :) 
Part 2: Writing a short sentence and make a nice design or anything you want, and then take a pic of/with it :) 
Part 3: This is the most popular part....writting a message of why you like them, what they mean to you, or just anything you want to tell them :) 

I just want to know if anyone would be interested if I did one of these :) I've thought about making one and sending it to them, but since Hong Kong is so far away, I'm afraid it will all be deformed by the time it gets there xD But I know I'm probably going to Hong Kong either next summer or the one after....more infos will come when it's confirmed I'll make one, but this is just some kind of survey of who will want to participate :) 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Status Update!

Just wanted to make another update really quickly :) As you can see..I have three new, long, posts! No, I did not write all of them in one day xD They were actually written out a while ago..I just didn't post them yet xD I've also updated the review page :)
Ummm I've been pretty busy with school lately...and will be for the next couple months -__- but I'll try to keep this updated :D And I'll try to write a special post either tomorrow or after tomorrow ;)
For now, enjoy reading!!!

Character Review [Tavia Yeung]

After Linda, the person who I've seen the most series of is probably Tavia :) (I will eventually finish my character review of Linda and do a favorite actress post for Tavia) xD So here's the review of all of her characters I've watched ;) Although I'm doing it in order of the release dates of the serie, this is NOT the order that I've watch them!

Ah Yan in Yummy Yummy (Food for life)
Wow...I've watch this serie like in 2010 even if it came out way before just because of Tavia and looking back, she looks SO different!! her recent series, she plays more "strong girl" roles, like in TOT and in THC...back then she was younger, and had roles of the little sister, and innocent girl.

Jackie in Heart of Greed
I love seeing characters who evoluate throughout the serie...and Jackie definetly did!! I love how she used to be hated by Gilbert (Bosco Wong)'s family, but they learned to know her and her background and accepted her in the end after she showed how she changed :)

Ho Fa in On the First Beat
Umm..out of all series, this is definetly the one I've watched when I was youngest...didn't know Tavia was in it till I looked for Tavia's drama list in wikipedia! Haha at that time I didn't knew TVB artists' not much to say... xD

Joey in Fathers and Sons
Ouhhh, I loved this character! I loved how caring she is and how much she loved children :) Ididn't liked the pairing with Wong He, but luckly she ended up with Chris Lai which is much better then Wong He!! :) This character left me a deep impression...I don't know why...I think it's, again, because she likes to take care of children and it really showed in the serie :)

Ah Yuet in Moonlight Resonance
I loved loved loved her character! She was a stubborn girl with a nice heart...Everything Sa Yi and Ka Mei did to her made me feel very sad for her :( She had a really awkard relationship with Ah Ka since they were siblings, although she was adopted. And I think she did really well in her numerous crying scenes, no wonder why she won the Best Supporting Actress award that year!

Ah Suet in Sweetnest in the Salt
Hmmmm for some reason, even if I remember that I really insisted on watching this serie for Tavia, I don't think it was a too memorable character/serie...Actually I don't remember too much about the storyline, only the ending, when she reunited with Steven Ma, I was quite happy for her xD

Yiu Kam Ling in Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Now, that was a memorable serie and character! :D It showed such a different side of Tavia and her acting skills! I really support her for winning My Favorite Female Character, she deserved it so much! I mean, I think we can all see that she worked very hard to enter the character, the way she talks, her voice, how she acts, everything!

Sai Lai Miu in The Mysteries of Love
Umm...for this character and's a bit like Swetnest in the Salt...didn't left me a too deep memory. But I enjoyed watching FungYi :D I think they make such a perfect matching and they're so cute together ;) I'm so glad they ended up together in the serie!

Sze Long in The Rippling Blossom
I think I'd say the serie overall and all the characters was...interesting but not that good. Like the plot was intriguing, but it was everything was a bit random....I have not mugh to say on Tavia's character...And I think the pairing with Michael Tse wa so-so....

Miss Ho in Yes, Sir! Sorry, Sir!
Miss Ho...another one of Tavia's sweet, innocent, and nice character. Reminds me a bit of Joey in Fathers and Sons I guest...even if this time she's a teacher for high school students, she still loves to help -this time not children but teenagers, or just her students. I would rather her end up with Ron, but I guess with Moses it's not bad either!

Mavis in The Other Truth
Mavis is another awsome character of  Tavia :) I loved how professional she looked as a lawyer, and her changing relationships with Raymond Wong and Ruco Chan too :) She was annoyed by both in the beginning of the serie, but at the end, she loves both of them and has a hard time choosing which one she wanted to be with.

Yu Jai in The Hippocratic Crush
Like in The Other Truth...loved the professionalism Tavia had and it was as if she really knew what she was doing as a doctor :) In this time, unlike in Yummy Yummy, Tavia has now grew up and plays the big sister role in the traditional "long lost sister" tvb storyline with Mandy Wong! Lovedd her role and just the serie overall!

Hum...actually, after listing all that out, I think I've watched more series of Tavia then Linda! :O Haha i'll see that after my Linda post :) For now...I don't really have "favorites" for Tavia's most of them except the ones I mention I didn't like/remember too much!

Moonlight Resonance Character Review [Younger Generation Actors]

Here's the younger generation's character review...but there are so much interesting characters! godd I feel like this is gonna be a loonggg post! Let's start with the ladies first :) 

Ah Yuet played by Tavia Yeung
I loved loved loved her character! She was a stubborn girl with a nice heart...Everything Sa Yi and Ka Mei did to her made me feel very sad for her :( She had a really awkard relationship with Ah Ka since they were siblings, although she was adopted. And I think she did really well in her numerous crying scenes, no wonder why she won the Best Supporting Actress award that year! 
Ah Tsau played by Linda Chung
Ah Tsau was my favorite character....her relationship storyline was also very interesting! She was torn in between two men, one who's her stepbrother and one who already has a girlfriend. She was very kind and knew what right decisions she had to make, even if they were not easy. I'm glad she ended up with Goon Ga Jai! :) 
Ah Hing played by Fala Chen
Although Fala only had a minor supporting role, I think she did extremly great as acting as a mute girl! Since she could not talk, her acting skills had to be shown in her facial expressions. I think it was also very hard, since she had to learn all the signs, but she did it well! :) And also I loved her relationship with Kevin, they were so cute together! 
Ka Mei played by Kate Tsui
Ka Mei was the main vilain from the younger generations....she was so evil....Fortunatly she still has a minimum of heart and became nicer after her mother saved her from a car accident! I definetly think she does a better pair with Ah Yuen rather then Ah Ka :) I'm glad she ended up with Ah Yuen so that Ah Yuet could be with Ah Ka!
Goon Ga Jai played by Raymond Lam
Goon Ga Jai was definetly my favorite male character from the whole drama! He was so kind with everyone, especially his family. He's the second oldest but he seem to have taken the role of the oldest and took well care of all his siblings. Love him so much :) Plus he makes a perfect match with Ah Tsau even if they're stepsiblings ♥ 

Ah Ka played by Moses Chan
Ah Ka was so funny....Moses really got into his character well! I loved the scene were he annoyed his ex-boss Eliza with his ringtone that he recoreded from Ah Yuet's phone. I'm so glad him and Ah Yuet could be together after their relation was ruined by Ka Mei. I'm also glad he didn't die, haha I thougth he died at the end of the serie when he closed his eyes, but he didn't ^^
Dr. Ling played by Bosco Wong
And finally...last but not least, Dr. Ling played by Bosco Wong :) He was such an intersting and intriguing character....He was kind of not so nice to Wing Lam, but in the end, he still stayed by her side until her last moments and left Ah Tsau to Goon Ga Jai which makes up for everything :) 

Moonlight Resonance Character Review [Older generation Actors]

So I previously said I was gonna do posts about Moonlight Resonance characters, so here it is! It will be devieded in two posts, this one about the older generation lead roles and another about the younger generation lead roles.

Hor Ma played by Louise Lee
No wonder why she won my favorite female character this year....Hor Ma is such a nice, protective and fair mother! She loves all of her children and would do anything to avoid them being hurt, even if she has to endure her husband having a 3rd party and pretend nothing has happened! She's still a person, and throughout the serie, she makes good and bad decisions, but in the end, she tries to correct her mistakes the best she can and wants the best for her children. 

Jo Bao played by Ha Yu
He won best actor at the TVB awards...I think he acted really good as a father, trying to give the best to his children but is unable to or don't know how to at first because of his wife. Then he realize that it's his children that mean the most to him, and does anything he can to protect them. He sometimes had crying scenes, or awkward kissing scenes (When he kissed Louise Lee on the cheek xD), but he did really good :) 

Hung Yi played by Michelle Yim
Michelle Yim won Best Actress that year and I think she deserves it 100%!! She did such a good job playing a vilain and she nearly looked like a devil in Hung Yi's role, but that was the goal and shows that she played her role sucessfully! Plus her haircut & makeup absolutely fitted her character, and that's I think why her hairstyle changed at the end of the drama, when she changed too and became a better person. 
Sa Yi played by Susanna Kwan
And then finally there's Sa Yi, the semi-vilain. I think she could have win the Best Actress award just as much as Michelle, despite the fact that she wasn't considered as much a "leading" role. But still! Her acting skills were well shown throughout the serie and how she evoluated. She could be extremely violent sometimes, and then she would be crying miserably. Her character is an annoying character for the other characters at first, but I loved it! :) 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Evolve by Myolie Wu

For the past month...I've been fangirling over Myolie Wu non-stop.....yess, I've only become her fan recently, I wrote a post about that previously. You can read it here :

So....since then, I've been searching a lot about her on internet and youtube...I already knew she was a singer but never actually really listened to her songs...until, again, last month :) That's why I'm writting this post now...even if her album came out in 2008! And gooshhh I wish I have started listening to her music before that because it's so good! I didn't know she was such an amazing singer. Her songs are so catchy...and I listen to them everyday now :) 

浪漫世紀 (Romantic Century) is my favorite song of the entire album :D I don't even know why I love it so much...I just do xD And my favorite part is when she sings 

我有著你 任何地方都有力氣 (I can stay strong at anything with you by my side)
你令我任何事都撐得起 (You can make me go through anything)

I suck at translation...xD but that's kinda what those two sentence mean :) 

And this song....gosh this song. It makes me so sad everytime I listen to it but I love it so much. At that time, their relationship wasn't public yet...but while singing together, we could feel their love for each other. I mean, they weren't singing it just to sing it for TVB's theme song, they really meant what they sang. At that time. What makes me even more sad is when they sing :

Oh Baby I love you,
I'll love you everyday

......anyways...their relationship ended so I don't want to talk about it any further since I already made a post about it....

So, now, since I'm currently a huge fan of Myolie Wu, more post of her will come soon :) Banners, Icons, Drawings and moree :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Drawing of Raymond Lam's my drawing of Raymond! Yes, I know, the lips are a bit ruined.....haha I didnt know how to fix it xD I think I made it not really look like him...but more like a younger look alike? haha xD But try covering the lips and only look at the top makes a big difference and looks more like Raymond :D

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My fav. TVB Actors [Top 3: Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng]

Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng and Ron Ng are my top 3 favorite actors in TVB :) Unlike for the female artists...idk...I have not that much to say about them xD I guess I like them just because they're good looking  and they can act well...loll...actually there are many who can act well but I like the three of them most :) Will do more posts about my favorite male artist in TVB...but for now, Raymond, Kevin and Ron are my top 3 :)

An awsome picture of them all together :D