Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2012 TVB Favorites

Although I haven't watched all of TVB's 2012 series, I wanted to mention the highlights & my favorites actors/actress among the ones that I did watch (: For some of them I couldn't make up my mind so they are two favorites xD

Here is the list of series that I've watched in 2011-2012, with my rating on 10:

-L'Escargot (7/10)
-The Hippocratic Crush (9.5/10)
-Daddy Good Deeds (8/10)
-Ghetto Justice II (8/10)
-Witness Insecurity (8.5/10)
-Divas In Distress (9/10)

Favorite new actress: Candy Chang (The Hippocratic Crush) and Eliza Sam (Divas In Distress)

Favorite new actor: Him Law (The Hippocratic Crush, L'Escargot and Divas in Distress)

Favorite supporting actress: Mandy Wong (The Hippocratic Crush, L'Escargot and Divas in Distress)

Favorite supporting actor: Edwin Siu (Daddy Good Deeds) & Him Law (The Hippocratic Crush, L'Escargot and Divas in Distress)

Favorite couple: Him Law & Mandy Wong (Divas In Distress)

Favorite themesong: L'Escargot (by Linda Chung & Ron Ng)

Favorite series: The Hippocratic Crush

Favorite Actress: Linda Chung (L'Escargot, Witness Insecurity and Daddy Good Deeds) and Tavia Yeung (The Hippocratic Crush)

Favorite Actor: Bosco Wong (Witness Insecurity)

Divas In Distress ending (ep 19-22) review

It was interesting to see how Mui Jie (Gigi Wong) and Hung Jie (Liza Wang) kept being enemies then friends, then enemies again and again. I found that Mui Jie was a much nicer character then Hung Jie, although the serie doesn't really shows it. I mean, she's the one who saves Hung Jie and I expected to see a part where Hung Jie really thanks her from the bottom of her heart, but she doesn't. When Mui Jie helped her tell the truth to the news reporter, their master said that both where wrong, but didn't mention that what Mui Jie do was to help Hung Jie...Even in Hung Jie's speech at the end, she just says "I realize that....blablabla... because of Mui Jie, and blablabla...", but she doesn't actually says "Thank you." In the end, they got along pretty well so I'm glad (: 

These two, Mandy Wong and Him Law as Yi Hei and Vincent, couldn't be any cuter together xD I'm even considering to watch Tiger Cubs just to see them as a couple...loll, but anyways. It was sad to see that Vincent had asthma and Yi Hei's smell made him suffer...But I was so happy to see them still ending up together (: Vincent did everything he could to win Yi Hei's heart, and although she loved him, she didn't wanted to be with him because she didn't felt like at his level. But when Vincent was going to leave, she realized that she really did wanted to have him by her side so they finally hooked up for real :D 

Yi Long San (Chin Ka Lok) and Heung Heung (Eliza Sam) were very cute together as well (: I was annoyed by Yi Long San a bit at first though....because he couldn't admit that he liked Heung Heung and kept thinking about his wife. But at least, in the end, when Heung Heung called him, he said that he wanted to go out with her, so I was glad about that part :D 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Missing You ep 5-9 review

I'm really glad that the longg case about the grandma (firs pic) ended happily at last! I think that what their older sister (the grandma) did for her younger siblings was really touching. 
They're also showing Vinci more and more in the serie...I don't like her that much! She breaks the chemistry between Linda & Jason...but I believe that her and Jason will eventually break up xD I found her really annoying when Yu Fong was just trying to help Long Gor find his sister, and she was asking her not to bother her client....also when she got mad at Jason for talking about Yu Fong all the time. Talking of Long Gor, his case is really interesting! He is so nice to her sister....I was actually happy when he learned that the lady WASN'T her sister, because that meant that his actual sister maybe would be nicer and would like to see him! Can't wait to see what happen next (: 

Anyone noticed that they showed these characters often? Eating at Long Gor's restaurant? I know according to the opening song video that they will be a case ...can't wait to see what happens!

Divas In Distress ep 8-18 review

I don't really feel like writing out a long full I just decided to mention some of my favorite moments on Divas in Distress, episodes 8-18 (:

-Ah Hei (Mandy) with her bunny pajama (:
-When So Gay and his "girlfriend" were dancing together...also when the police officier asked who's the girl and who's the guy xD That was priceless!
-When Hannah (Eliza) got all excited because Yi long Son fought with the guy for her
-When Yi Long Son (Chin Ka Lok)  knew Hannah (Eliza) was on her periods and was trying to help her out by ordering a better drink for her....while trying to do it secretly
-Whenever Mandy (Ah Hei) & Him (Vincent) are together!!!
-Seeing Gigi Wong & Liza Wang both being so stubborn!

Here are some gifts of Mandy & Him (: Credits to tumblr! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Poll- Favorite Actor & Actress

I've added two new polls on the side, please go vote !  :) Out of the 5 choices, select your favorite actor and actress!

Myolie Wu
Tavia Yeung
Linda Chung
Kate Tsui
Fala Chen

Kevin Cheng
Wayne Lai
Moses Chan
Kenneth Ma
Raymond Lam

Just wanted to have an idea of who you guys like more, so perhaps I will blog more about them :D

Divas In Distress ep 1-7 review

I decided to watch this serie because I'm on Christmas break and I wanted something not too long...and I really wanted to see more of Mandy Wong and Him Law since I saw cute GIFs of them together on tumblr (: I'm on ep 8 right now, but I wanted to do a review of it so far :D 

Are Yi Long San (played by Chin Kar Lok) and Hannah Heung (played by Eliza Sam) going to end up as a couple? :P I wonder. They're kinda cute together, and Hannah's really funny! I love her character, her crying scenes always have a touch of humor in it! Like in the 3rd episode, she was crying because she thought Michael was dead, then Yi Long San was like, "Wow! My son is not dead!", and she said "...He's not dead?" with a smile through her tears. However, I was sad that she was trying to be nice and help Yi Long San, but he was rejecting her. I liked the scene when they were watching the video together though (: At the end of episode 7, Hannah's crying for him because she thinks that he'll die, (I know he won't since he's one of the main character and we're only on ep7), can't wait to see what will happen next! 

Mandy Wong and Him Law are the reason why I choose this serie to watch during my short break (: Hei Hei (Mandy) and Vincent (Him) are like the complete opposite in personality, and that's why they share such a good chemistry together!! Usually, in tvb series, the two character that will end up as a couple fight, and find out they love each other in the end, but with Hei Hei and Vincent, they're something different altough I can't tell what. I's Vincent that yells on Hei Hei all the time and she's just trying to do her best....but anyways, I was so happy to see the scene where he gave her hat back :D It's so funny how Vincent wants something but refuse to admit when he wanted her to come back to work (: 

Although Gigi Wong and Liza Wang are suppose to be the main lead...I haven't noticed them much as I paid more attention to the newbies. However, I liked the flashback scenes, where they talked about how they kept being friends/ennemies over and over again! And I was glad to see Candy Chang because she's another one of my favorite newbies (: I know they're probably gonna end up being friends... 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

TVB Anniversary Awards- Thoughts + Fashion

I watched the TVB awards yesterday, and I'm satisfied with pretty much all results (: 

Results thoughts

I won't talk about those "variety show" or "programme" awards since I don't watch those xD But here's my thoughts on the other awards! I havent watched all the dramas, but I'll still make a comment on the important awards (: 

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Wayne Lai (The Confidant
I haven't watched The Confidant...but I know that Wayne probably deserves it! He's really a great wonder he won it again! (Especially since so many artist left TVB...)

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Tavia Yeung (Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles)
I knew Tavia would win it, but I thought it would be for her role in The Hippocratic Crush instead of Silver Spoon. I haven't watched this either, but it was really time for Tavia to get this award! She has probably been working for TVB the longest, out of all the other nominees. She wasn't a pageant winner, so she really worked to get this, she used to have tiny roles such as "news reporter", or "secretary" (according to wikipedia), but she climbed her way to get Best Actress! Congratz to Tavia!

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Koo Ming Wa (Divas In Distress
I'm watching Divas right now, so I don't have too much to say...but he's quite funny xD I haven't noticed him much, I only remember him from the soldier in Ten Brothers!

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Nancy Wu (Gloves Come Off)
I haven't watch this serie (Yes I know I seem like I haven't watched anything xD) but I have seen Nancy in many series for the past years, and finally, she got her best supporting role award! My best memory of her acting was in Forensic Heroes III where she was nominated for this award last year too, so I guess she stepped it up even more this time! And about the actual "giving" of the award, where they called out her and Mandy, it really showed who's newbie and who's been there for long...Mandy was soooo nervous!! Haha xD I was like awww omgg :P I found it so funny when Nancy started reading, and Mandy wasn't, so Nancy was like, "We're reading this together!!!" Just had to make a comment on that xD

My Favorite TV Male Character: Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush
Heyy, this is a serie that I did watch completly, yayy finally! :D I have seen Kenneth Ma for a long time, and I think it does show in THC that he really tried to give his best, so congratz for him! (: ...Anyone noticed how nervous he was when he was receiving that award & trying to thank everyone without forgetting anyone? :P he was so cute haha xD 

My Favorite TV Female Character: Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows
I haven't watched the serie xD But I was a bit disappointed about the nominations...thought Linda would be in! But I know Kate has been working hard in yeahh (: 

Most Improved Actor: Oscar Leung (L'Escargot, The Confidant, Tiger Cubs)
I only watched L'Escargot of him, but I can tell he has put a lot of efforts in his acting (: I first remember him from Shine on You (2004) where he was a student....he has grown so much from then!!!

Most Improved Actress: Mandy Wong (L'Escargot, The Hippocratic Crush, Tiger Cubs, Divas In Distress
I don't think anyone could have deserved this award better then Mandy... I have watched a lot of her dramas and I can tell she has improved a lot. I have actually never noticed her in Ghetto Justice, but in The Hippocratic Crush, I was like wow, this new artist is really good! And in L'Escargot, even more with her role as the wife/mom. When I saw Lives of Omission afterward, I saw that she has grown a lot from 2011 to 2012. She was really in it! I'm currently watching Divas, can't wait to see more from her! :D 

Best Series: When Heaven Burns 
This serie is airing right now on Fairchild...I haven't paid much attention to it until I heard that it won Best Serie...mmm but I think it's so-so. I thought THC was going to win!. 

Fashion time (: 

My favorite dresses are definitely Tavia's, Aimee's, and Mandy's. The three of them have simple dresses, but they looked beautiful in it and really suited them for the event! 

Nice dresses (:

Could have chosen better...

Least favorites....

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Missing You ep1-4 review

I've been watching Missing You lately! Will do reviews about once a week until the finale (: It's been very interesting so far, and the story lines are moving on quite good. The cases are quick, but well developed. I loved Linda's character (Yu Fong)'s personality, she was really nice and always ready to help people! All the cases from ch 1 until know are really touching, like the one on the two brothers. It was interesting how the older  brother cared so much about his little brother and his little brother didn't even know...and it was so sweet when they reunited!!

Linda and Jason make a great couple together (: And Jason's character is (Yik-Him) so kind! I love him!! The case with the father and his son is my favorite so far. I love anything that deals with kids, haha (: There should be a lot, according to the themesong, so I can't wait to see them!

And now this case is going seems more complicated then the other ones! But my only issue is, doesn't it ressemble to the first one a bit to much? Like siblings were split apart when they were young, the younger ones don't want to see their older sister/brother...  Anyways, it's not completed so we'll see (: 

Love Love Love by Linda Chung

So I recently bought Love Love Love by Linda Chung on YesAsia...I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it :) 

I was so excited when I unpacked the whole thing especially because I saw the little booklet with pictures and a message of Linda :D I thought the note from her was sooo sweet and cute! 
My favorite song of it is definetly Love Love Love. It's so happy and sounds different from what she does usually!! I really hope there can be a music video :) There were also lots of nice pics of Linda :D 
I also love the music video of You're my other half! It different from her usual music videos where she's often just walking and singing :D I feel like it has its very own mini movie behind it :) 

To buy the album :