Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Favorite Characters + Partial Review [Linda Chung]

I originally posted this on Linda chung thoughts...but I thought I could post it here too :) Later, I'll do a full review of all of Linda's character (That I've seen) but for now, here are my 5 favorite ones :)

5- Ko Yu Chu in Daddy Good Deeds
This is the last completed serie of Linda that I watch and I really liked Ko Yu Chu's character. She was very funny (The whole serie was funny :P) but she was also a very warm-hearted cop. I also really enjoyed the family relationships because each character was extremely family-orientated.

4- Miss Koo in Yes, Sir! Sorry, Sir!
I think this serie really showed a different side of Linda's acting and she really did a good job at acting cool. Throughout the serie, it was interesting how her relationships with others (Law sir, Miss Hoo and the students) changed from cool and serious to kind and friendly.

3- Ng Say-duk in Can't Buy Me Love
In this serie, I liked Linda's character because she was so friendly, kind and honest, like when she revealed that Chiu Yeung was the real princess and not her. It was also funny to see how much she could eat and how strong she was in the first episodes :)

2-Yu So Sam in Moonlight resonance
This serie was one of the first serie I ever watched and also my favorite serie! It made me like Linda, Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Raymond Lam, Bosco, Chris Lai and Michelle Yim. It was also because of this serie that I started watching other TVB So Sam was definetly my favorite character in the whole serie. She was very honest, like when she told the truth to the police about her grandmother's death. She was intelligent and made good decisions, even if it was though for her to betray her mother. Her relationship with Goon Ga Jai  (Raymond) was also very interesting, how they loved each other when they were young, how they came back together, Ah Sam's mother's opposition, how they can't be together because of their different social class and because they're stepsiblings, how Dr.Ling (Bosco) came in between them...etc. So I really really really enjoyed this serie!! ;)

1- Sze Ka Ka in A Journey Called Life
Sze Ka Ka is my favorite role of Linda yet. I LOVED to see her evolution, how she was became from a "bad girl" to a well-behaved girl after her friend's death, how her hairstlye and clothes changed, how her relation with Shing Yat-On (Steven) and his family changed and how her relation with her own parents changed. Her relationship with Shing Yat-On also went through many obstacles, like his mother's opposition, their marriage ruined by Ka Ka's stepmom and the loss of their baby. So, this is my favorite character of Linda because we could really see how she evoluated all through the serie :)

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