Friday, April 26, 2013

Featuring: Aimee Chan

I'm trying to do a artist feature at least every month :) This month, it is Aimee Chan! I've realized that recently, I haven't even got one tag with her, and since she's growing in popularity and is now a quite important artist of TVB, I wanted to create a whole post about her :)

Aimee is from Canada. Maybee that's one of the reasons why I like her, I don't know, I tend to like more artists that are from the same country as mine haha :P She is also one of the rare TVB actresses that graduated from University; she is a graphic designer and graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design :) So she's really well educated, she finished university before entering pageants. That's maybee why she entered a bit older, (she was overage for Miss World -.-) but she really looks young! The first time I saw her, which was in Forensic Heroes III, where she was already in her early 30s, I thought she was like in her early 20s :P She is always young at heart too :) Btw she looks so cute in the picture above with her mickey shirt hahaa :)

Series I've seen of her, in order ; Forensic Heroes III (Angel), The Other Truth (Iris), A Great Way to Care 2 (Jade)

In The Other Truth, she played a young raising artists who accused an Indian guy to have rapped her. In the end, they found out that she was lying. Aimee was only a guest star, yet she had an amazing performance :) I thought she did really good in all her crying scenes, and it's nice to see another side of her acting since in this serie, she was a really bad girl who lies :P

Forensic Heroes III, like I've mention it above, is the first serie I've seen of Aimee. In it, she plays a young forensic technician who's from the U.S and works in Hong Kong. She's paired up with Edwin Siu. I thought her role Angel was really cute! I loved when she speak english, she looked so professional! I also really like how her relationship evolution with Edwin. They made such a cute couple; they always teased each other at first but then they ended up in love :) I was very sad when she died at the end of the serie; she really didn't deserve that!

In A Great Way to Care 2,that I just finished watching recently, Aimee is a psychologist, She really improved! Her cantonese was a lot better, I couldn't tell she had an accent. Her character was really sweet, I loved all the parts with her, her brother and their memories :) Plus, I was so gald to see her paired up with Edwin Siu again! :D They're so cute together, and finally they can have an happy ending :) They're becoming one of my favorite on screen couple :P Hope Aimee will be nominated for this role for an award at the end of the year :)

Aimee and weibo! Ever since I have weibo, I have been favoriting artists'inspiring posts. Most of them are from Aimee :) I love love love it when she writes sweet, cute and inspiring stuff :) Cool thing is that she often does it in english so I can get everything easily! Moreover, I already posted it previously on this blog, but Aimee replied to me once on weibo :D Everything is below :) :

* Ginny_LindaKYfan was my old username :P The other one you see is my current one! Plus I meant the power of having your eyes closed in my reply, not if! xD I was so excited when I got her reply haha :) 

 Isn't she just so sweet? :)

Some people say Aimee can't speak canto, her accent is annoying or they don't like her cause of her accent. Me, on the other hand, I started liking her because of her accent! :) I thought she was so cute when she was in Forensic Heroes III and was always speaking in english! It's cause of her accent that I knew she was not from Hong Kong and started searching about her :) I got all excited when I knew she was from Toronto cause I love actresses that are from Canada, like me, hahaa :) I really admire her because I can imagine how big it is of a challenge to learn to speak, read and write chinese well. I can speak without an accent, but I can't read or write that much, only really basic. So I can imagine that Aimee (and probably all the other artists that are from Canada/U.S) needs to work really hard in order to know & mermorize her script and everything :) (btw I will try to write a post soon about artists and their cantonese ;))

Aimee & Moses

Aimee and Moses! Aren't they just so cute together? :) I'm glad for Aimee that she had found her man :) Loll I've seen them once on a show, I don't even remember what it was called since I only watched parts of it. But there was Eric Tsang in it, and Moses was pretending to be a baby and was stuck in a babychair or something (What? I know right xD But it's a really vague memory) So he was feeding him "baby food" but it wasn't really food and he was throwing it all over his face. Then Aimee also came on the show and was laughing, and when Eric Tsang told her to "feed" him, well she was doing it in a really nice way and they were all like she's protecting her :P (it wasn't "protecting", more like "loving", but I don't know how to translate it xD) But yeahh I was going all like awwnnn for Aimee :)

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