Wednesday, January 1, 2014

TVB 2013 Status Updated!

Happy New Year everyone!
I did another TVB 2013 Status like 3 weeks ago...I don't know why I did it so early because it changed a little now, lol. I've finished both Brother's Keeper and Friendly Fire. I'll be starting on Tiger Cubs soon, even if it is a series from 2012 :P I wanted to write a review for Brother's Keeper and Friendly Fire.. but I don't know. I'm feeling lazy, lol.

Here are just some quick things I'd like to say about htose:
Brother's Keeper:
-I gotta admit, Kristal's acting was amazing! :)
-I'm glad that Ruco stayed a good guy in the end
-Was Linda's role a main lead?? She seemed more like a supporting role :/
-It's sad that both couples (Edwin & Kristal and Linda & Ruco) broke up in the end
-The ages are sorta confusing. The characters don't seem to be in their 50s even at the end of the series. They seem like they are in their 30s all throughout the story.
-Overall, I did enjoy the serie!

Friendly Fire
-Tavia & Michael, aka Chris & JJ are so cute
-I don't understand why Chris didn't want to tell JJ about her family disease :/ It doesn't make sense because JJ should have known about Chris's sister death.. no?
-I loved Wong Fei Fei's case with Mandy Wong :)
-Sharon Chan & Sammy Leung are so cute too. It was so funny the part where they felt in the water and came back up, and people were laughing at Sammy's undies, so Sharon gave him her coat to cover them, but then people could see her bra so Sammy gave her his coat too!

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