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Missing You ending (ep 16-20) review

*Spoiler alert, + this post is quite long!! * I finally finished watching this serie! Although it was a bit boring at the beginning, it good really good at the end :) Like most series that deal with "cases", the last case of the series is ALWAYS related to the main characters themselves. This was no different for Missing You. It all started with Yu Fong's brother, Yu Pak who's grades dropped and didn't enter university, so he left home. Yu Fong was really worried, and it was nice to see Yik Him accompanying her to go everywhere to search for him. He even got hit by the bad guys at the bar, but luckly Sam's father called the police and they were saved :) I was glad they FINALLY told what happened to Yu Pak's foot, I was waiting for that since episode one, when Yu Fong was having a flashback of herself searching for her brother! Anyways, so Yu Pak was found in the end by his sister and is fine :) Thanks to his friend Sam, too!

Then, they talked about Yik Him's case. I was like OMGG when Hailey when to their office and said she was looking for her brother, Sze Yik Him. I thought he Yik Him was gonna say it was him right away xD But he didn't, and I was really impatient to see Hailey's reaction to know that he was his brother. When he finally decided to tell her, everything when so quick! I thought there was gonna be the traditional tvb problem, "I don't want to see my mom" or something like that, but it didn't happen. He called her "mom" right away. I was really suprised to see her mom, I think Mary Hon did really good at acting (probably the make up artists did a great job too xD) cause she really did look super sick. It was so sad when they came back from Ocean Park, and when Yik Him finally was able to talk to his mom...she passed away. :( I was really sad for him, but at least he had a sister ♥  

Then, they talked bout Vincci and Marcus a bit. Marcus is so evil! I hate him. He used Vincci for everything. When Vincci came back, Yik Him was so nice to him! It was HER that kinda dumped him, but it was him that helped her out through everything. It was a bit awkward though when she moved back into his house since Yik Him's co-worker, the computer guy, was there. It was funny when he told later to Crystal that he didn't know anything about their relationship, stayed in the room the whole time and said he wouldn't have dare to come out no matter what! 

More about Yik Him's family now. He realized he had a father after reading her mom's diary message to him, and cried. I thought he was mad at him and wouldn't forgive him...but again, I was wrong. He's really way too much of a nice guy! Sam's mom, on the other hand, is a really bad women. Her voice sounded mean since the beginning, but since Sam is a nice guy, I didn't really suspected her to be a villain. I started doubting more when she asked all sort of questions to Vincci, and when she individually met Yik Him, I realized that she was really bad. I honestly thought that what she said in the first place to Yik Him was real.....I was so upset to know that it wasn't, and she just didn't wanted Yik Him to be with his father again. After Sam knew about the news he locked himself up at the band practice place. Then, Yik Him, Yu Fong and her brother, and both of his parents went up there. When the women pretended to be sick, I got really mad. Then, Yu Fong stood up and told the truth. I was excied when she was doing it, and I was like "Let's go Yu Fong! Denounce her!! " Loll, I really wanted the father to know everything...and then finally everything exploded. I thought Sam would be mad at her mother for being so "bad" since he was for his dad, but he wasn't, which surprised me a bit. Yik Him was SO NICE that he even pretend to be mad at her so she would do the surgery! Seriously, I was like, are there really guys this nice? Loll. And the happy part is that Yu Fong helped him through everything! :)

Then, the actual ending. I was getting a bit depressed toward the end of the series because I thought Yik Him and Yu Fung would never hook up and Yik Him was just going to go back with Vincci, because there was like less then 20 minutes left and nothing was happening xD At least Vincci I guess "learned her lesson", and became kinder. She finally let go of her relationship with Yik Him and told him to go after the one he likes. I was like come on, Yik Him, go find Yu Fong now! xD I thought everything was really over when Yu Fong was leaving...cause usually, in series, someone comes to tell some news to the guy, then the guy go runs after the girl. This time, it was just Yik Him discovering the messages in the wheel :) It was so sweet of Yu Fong!! ♥♥ He ran and ran and ran...I was getting tired for him! And I was so afraid he'd get an accident or something. Then, he got up on the thing and yelled for Yu Fong. The part where the girl that was standing with her boyfriend was kinda funny. She was like, "Are you Yu Fong?", so Yu Fong just cried, and she yelled "Yu Fong's over here!!!!!" I really liked it :D It was sooo romantic. Yik Him is so sweet!! Ohhh and forgot to mention another funny part, when Yik Him ran up to Yu Fong's house and asked where she was, and the father was all confused, and her mom said he was so retarded (joking) xD And then, the director of the office, I thought he should have had the chance to meet the girl! It seemed a bit unfinished that he ended up thinking the girl turned into the fat girl xD Same thing for Crystal and the computer guy, wish they could have a more perfect ending.....meaning ending up as a couple because they're the other "Yik Him and Yu Fong" since they help each other a lot and are each other's work partner :) Also wish Yu Fong and Yik Him could have had a kiss scene. But anyways, I'm still satisfied with the ending :D

Morals of the story:

Forgive & Forget (Yik Him forgiving his mom for abandoning him, his stepmom for lying to him, Vincci for not trusting him ; that's what makes him such a loveable character.) 

Take advantage of the present moment because time doesn't last forever (Yik Him and his relationship with his mom)

Go after what you love (Yik Him & Yu Fong's relationship, Yik Him wanting to give up on his job, Yu Fong wanting to give up on her job) 

Be careful about who you trust (Marcus, Yik Him's stepmom, everyone who has lied in all the cases they followed. ) 

With that, I'll let you guys think about it yourself about the themes and morals of the story! :) 

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